Praise for Rosie

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“Goodwin is a master of her craft: she excels in writing about the complexity of relationships, the hardships of life, the ties of family and the joys of love and friendship. The perfect book for a cold winter’s evening”
Lancashire Evening Post

“The new Catherine Cookson.”
Coventry Evening Telegraph

“A gifted writer. Tells a cracking story and does so with an insight into people that is rarely found. Not only is Goodwin’s characterisation and dialogue compelling, but her descriptive writing is a joy. At the risk of offending an army of Cookson fans, I think Goodwin will more than fill the late great saga queen’s shoes.”
Nottingham Evening Post

“Goodwin is a born author.”
Wigan Evening Post

“Goodwin is a fabulous writer. She reels the reader in surprisingly quickly and her style involves lots of twists and turns that are in no way predictable.”
Worcester Evening News

“Rosie deserves all her success. She is a talented storyteller and will go all the way to the top.”
Dee Williams, author


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